Pure Lux Yoga offers exquisite and powerful Yoga Retreats set in some of the most beautiful locations around the globe.

Each week-long retreat boasts an exotic location, full immersion in culture & yoga study. Prepare to relax and explore, surrounded in unsurpassed beauty.

Relax. Study. Travel the world.

Make lifelong friends. Dive deep into introspective and philosophical study of yoga. Purify mind, body and spirit. Reboot and recharge. Here’s where we’re headed next..

Maldives February 2020: Yoga + Meditation


Greece April 2020: Yoga + Anatomy


China + Tibet July 2020: Herbal Tea Tour


Bali November 2020: Yin Yoga

India January 2021: Unraveling the Inner Mystery

Retreats are powerful.

At Pure Lux Yoga we cultivate a space for intentional, deep study of yoga philosophy, healthy living, and empowerment. Each retreat is hand crafted for excellence. We visit some of the most beautiful locations on the planet, inspired by local culture, cuisine, flora, fauna, ocean waves, and luxurious accommodations.

Beyond a simple week vacation.

On retreat you will have the opportunity to delve into yoga study, enliven your life, stir up your conscious awareness, and build powerful knowledge of self.

Each retreat is 7 days and 6 nights including luxurious accommodations, fabulous local cuisine, finely selected day trips, optional training certification, and daily yoga and meditation classes.


Ice Cream Party (4)

The optional education component of our retreats will enhance your unique and beautiful gifts & spark your passions.

Whether it’s becoming a certified yoga instructor, learning massage therapy, or just soaking in the beauty of a foreign land, the experience will change your life. We’ll delve into your curiosities, your desire for adventure, relaxation, and excellence. Retreats that are more than just a vacation. Educational explorations that take you to spectacular vistas, and deep sweet rest. Opportunities to blow your mind wide open, and manifest longevity, optimal health, radiance in your life!!

We will learn & grow, be refreshed and renewed, and give back to the communities we visit. And return home with a new skill, or certification, and an opportunity to bring vigor and inspiration to your life, thereby affecting everyone you know.

It’s a powerful opportunity to explore the world at large, and also your inner worlds through yoga and meditation. Groups are intentionally small and intimate, handcrafted and customized for the best week of your life.

There is a retreat here waiting for you that will inspire your life on so many levels! 

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Relax. Study. Travel the World.

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